One on One Tutoring for SAT, ACT, AP and SATII Exams in Physics, Math/Calculus, and Chemistry


The first step is to take a real diagnostic exam. Within a few days of taking the exam you will receive a full score report that indicates exactly what types of problems you answered correctly and incorrectly and, most importantly, the steps I need to take to boost your score.  During your first session you will receive a copy of my original study guide. This guide contains the most content-specific review and largest collection of questions available.  

making complicated concepts concise and understandable 

I recognize that each student has a unique style of learning, and I have a variety of techniques to cater to every one.  I will change my approach until my client understands a concept. 

one concept at a time

When a piano player is trying to learn a complex piece, he does not just play it over and over again in its entirety, hoping to somehow perfect all of the parts that make up the whole. Instead, it is more efficient to master each part of the piece before he moves on to the next one.

Math and Science works the same way—the best way to learn a particular concept is to practice problems in a given subject area. The more time one spends doing specific problems, the deeper one’s understanding of a given area of math will become.


Because I value the power of specificity – of providing targeted test practice. Rather than having, for example, “thermodynamics” as a problem type, which would gloss over a wide variety problems, I target each type of question a student can expect to see on the SAT Chemistry exam, such as:


Problem Type 11: Heating Curves
Problem Type 12: Hess's Law
Problem Type 13: Phase Diagrams
Problem Type 14: Potential Energy Diagrams

Lewis Dot Diagrams
Problem Type 16: Determining Polarity
Problem Type 17: Hybridization
Problem Type 18: Molecular Geometry
Problem Type 19: Bond Angle

It is my policy to cover thirty problems in each problem type before moving on to the next so that I can ensure that each type is mastered.  I will drill each problem type into your brain until it is as easy as writing your own name.